Specifications of equipment accepted by Computer Aid International


Computer Aid International provides a professional decommissioning service. We have successfully carried out the decommissioning of technical assets for many government and corporate clients, educational institutions and local authorities. References can be provided upon request. We can accept the following equipment for re-use:

Computers & Peripherals

At Computer Aid International we are currently able to make use of any Pentium III or IV machines and any related peripheral equipment. Importantly we also need your mice, keyboards, modems, cables and power leads, memory and other peripheral parts.


Pentium III Processor rated at 450 Mhz upwards

Celeron processor 566 Mhz and above.
AMD K6 Processor 600MHz and above.

Pentium IV Processor rated at 1.4 Ghz upwards

If you are not sure check for the Intel Pentium III or IV logo or any Celeron logo. Unless modified most systems running Windows 2000 will be acceptable.
Wherever possible cabinet fittings should be unlocked and bios/hard disk passwords disabled.

Monitors should be RGB (Colour VGA) 15" or 17", manufactured after 2000. We cannot reuse monitors larger than 17"or manufactured before 2000.

We are in great need of power cables, keyboards and mice.

We also will accept other peripherals and spare parts including:

IDE Hard disks greater than 6GB, CDROM/DVD ROM Drives, CD Writers, multimedia peripherals, USB devices/cables, multimedia cards (Video, capture etc), Modems, Sound Cards any blank media etc.


From time to time we will accept working inkjet and laser desktop printers no larger than 18"x18"x12 and with power adaptors. Please ask when making a donation if you would like to donate printers.

We cannot re-use printers that are broken or larger than the above size.


From time to time we will accept servers with the above specifications, though we have a preference for Dell, HP, Compaq and IBM. If supplying these please ensure any cabinet fittings are unlocked and bios/hard disk passwords are disabled. Again please ask if you would like to donate server equipment.

Unless already installed in a machine we do not accept Token Ring equipment otherwise we will accept 10BaseT, 10/100TX, 100TX and above hubs, switches and network cards. When donating such equipment it would be helpful if any required external Power supplies are also supplied. We also accept the following:

wireless equipment
Cat5 cabling is accepted including any test equipment
Network Routers and Bridges
Backup units not older than 3 years
UPS Units, battery not older than 2 years
Network Print Servers
KVM switches
SCSI II,III W, UW hard disks greater than 4GB
CISCO routers.

Please supply passwords to enable us to reset / wipe any pre-configured administrator rights and permissions.

Please feel free to call or email us if you are unsure or have specialised equipment.


We continue to accept Pentium 3 450Mhz and above laptops with their power adaptors and any peripherals such as external Floppy/CD Drives. Please supply any passwords if implemented.

Business & Institutional Donors
David or Anja
or Call
0208 361 5540
  Unfortunately we cannot accept 386, 486, Pentium 1, 2 computers or Apple Macintosh equipment below G4 specification. We do not re-use Apple Mac computers in the developing world but we can accept G4s or above for resale. Any funds raised go towards the work of Computer Aid International. All machines will be datawiped as standard.  




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