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Computer Aid International has been featured in the national and local press in the UK, in IT trade publications and on local and national TV programmes.

Computer Aid International annual report and Newsletter

View (632KB) Computer Aid International's annual report for the year to March 2006 (PDF format).

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Computer Aid International racks up warehousing operations with the help of Linde Material Handling (UK) Ltd and SSI Schaefer...
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Down in the dumps
Every year in Britain we produce millions of tons of rubbish; yet we recycle a mere 12.4 per cent of it. Our bin, burn and bury approach to waste means we are now

Professor Denis Goldberg broadcast a short appeal on behalf of Computer Aid International on BBC Radio 4.

Download the file (360KB) or listen to the broadcast below.

drastically out of step with our European neighbours and environmentalists who practise the three 'R's - reduce, reuse and recycle. So when are we going to clean up our act?
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PCs Post-Mortem
What on earth do you do with your old computer? If you are replacing it you will be replacing it with a better, more powerful machine, so there will be hardly any need




for you to use it. A lot of us just dump them, but there are a growing number of organisations dedicated to making the best out of your old computer and helping out others at the same time, as Chris Long when he went to Computer Aid International.
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