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“Far from being an expensive luxury, computers are now just as essential to the job prospects of school and university leavers in Kenya as they are in the UK. Only with computer skills can young people compete for professional or administrative jobs and only with a workforce skilled in IT can our economy compete fairly with others for trade and investment.”

His Excellency Mr Joseph Kirugumi Muchemi Kenyan High Commissioner to the UK
  Kenyan schools need your help! Today there are over 200 schools that have prepared a dedicated classroom and trained their teachers to introduce IT education for the first time. Yet they cannot begin teaching their children these skills without the £49 per PC needed to refurbish, upgrade and ship the computers from the UK.

This page shows how organisations large and small, as well as individuals can help these schools today!
“We are grateful to Computers for Schools Kenya for making ICT a reality for the schools in rural Kenya. This initiative will help our young people in the schools and the community at large acquire the skills needed to thrive in the world of today.”

Mr Yuda, Board of Governors
Karama Secondary School, Meru North
Kenyan Primary School children and Maasai men benefitting from CFSK support

Computer Aid International is working in partnership with the Kenyan non-profit organisation Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK). CFSK install PCs in schools and provide the technical support and software that they need to use computers as an educational tool. They also provide teacher training to ensure that schools are able to make immediate use of the computers.

CFSK has provided over 150 schools in Kenya with 20 PCs each to start a computer lab since 2002. A huge amount of work has already gone into making the dream of IT education a reality for children in schools taking part in this project. Yet over 200 schools still can’t introduce IT education for want of the £49 per PC it costs to collect, upgrade, package and ship computers to Kenya.

Can your organisation sponsor a school computer lab?  

Sponsoring a school’s computer lab is a unique opportunity for you to transform the lives and career prospects of thousands of disadvantaged children. And we guarantee to put you in touch with the school that you sponsor who will inform you how the PCs are being put to use.

Can you, your school, community group, company, Rotary Club, Church Group or other organisation you are involved in, raise the cost of sending an entire lab of 20 computers to a Kenyan school? For £980 (about the cost of one top of the range PC here in the UK) this life changing facility can be a reality.

Computer Aid International can provide fundraising materials ideas and support to help you raise this money. Contact for further details.


Corporate Support


There are ways that larger companies can get involved through container sponsorship (equipping over ten schools per shipment).

Please get in touch with Stephen Campbell on 020 8361 5540 or email if your company would like to get involved.


Make a donation today!  

You can help our project today by making a donation to the Computer Aid International Kenyan Schools Appeal. Every £49 that we raise means another computer on a Kenyan school desk, benefiting schoolchildren who would otherwise have no access to such facilities.

You can donate online now.

Do a Sponsored Event!

Doing an event such as a run or bike ride? Whatever you are doing, why not contact us and we will set up an online sponsorship page for you.

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