Linde & SSI Schaefer Donate to Computer Aid International

Computer Aid International, the world"s largest not-for-profit supplier of professionally refurbished PCs to the developing world today unveiled its two latest donations ... the gift of a forklift truck from materials handling giant Linde Material Handling (UK) and a bespoke warehouse racking system from storage solutions specialist SSI Schaefer.

Computer Aid International enjoyed a record year in 2003, shipping one thousand PCs a month, but this meant that employees and volunteers were moving 25,000kg by hand every week. In order to reach the charity's ambitious targets in 2004, a slicker warehousing operation was needed at the London-based head quarters. Computer Aid International announced its 2004 appeal for PCs - with the aim of professionally refurbishing and shipping 2,000 PCs every month.

Following an appeal in September 2003, Linde Material Handling (UK) contacted Computer Aid International offering a refurbished E14 electric counterbalance forklift truck, complete with free training for four of the charity"s most regular volunteers. For Computer Aid International, this means that receiving donations and loading shipments in and around the 4,500sq ft warehouse will no longer be down to
man- power alone

Tony Roberts, Chief Executive of Computer Aid International
"We'd like to say a really big thank you to everyone at both companies who has been instrumental in making this happen. Without doubt, the contributions from Linde Material Handling (UK) and SSI Schaefer will make a huge and very vital contribution to our operation, affecting productivity both in 2004 and the future. Our shipments have increased year on year since 1998, and we have now provided over 26, 000 professionally refurbished PCs to schools and community groups in 83 developing countries all over the world. With IT departments refreshing equipment following Y2K and companies preparing to comply with the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, we are hopeful that 2004 will see a record response to our appeal for computers."

Stephen Moule UK Sales and Marketing Director.
"Linde Material Handling (UK) is absolutely delighted to be working with Computer Aid lntemational The Linde E14 electric counterbalance truck will help the warehouse in London to store and move the thousands of PCs they deal with each year more efficiently and more safely, meaning that more communities in the developing world will get the donated equipment much earlier. As the world's leading supplier in material handling, we put considerable emphasis on our corporate community and environmental responsibilities, and I am very pleased that the UK operation can demonstrate its commitment so effectively through our work with Computer Aid Intemational"

For its part, SSI Schaefer stepped in at the last minute to supply Computer Aid International with a complete racking system to help maximise the use of the fork lift truck and dramatically increase the capacity of the warehouse - ensuring there is plenty of room for PCs donations generated by the appeal. The donation included consultation, supply and fitting of the new racking.

Bob Jane, Business Development Manager of SSI Schaefer UK.
"I was surprised to learn that 99% of children in the developing world leave school without ever having seen or touched a computer. So when the opportunity to work with Computer Aid International came up, we were really pleased to be able to provide them with the capability to increase their productivity so significantly and as a result supply a greater number of computers where they are needed most."

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