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Computers for Africa

Computers for Africa refurbishes used computers, networks them, and ships ready-to-set-up labs to non-profit organizations in Africa. Following a policy of Generous Excellence, we send the best we can to the most disadvantaged groups, generally youth and women, as well as organizations that work for positive social development. We have defined our mission and guiding values as we work toward goals that bring practical, measurable improvements to African communities.


Website campaigning and providing information on Freq Asked Questions across South Asia.

World Computer Exchange

The World Computer Exchange provides disadvantaged youth with access to computers and the Internet. We collect working computers which are too often discarded and place them with educational organisations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Information on recycling computers for charities in the UK


Techknowledgy is a charity dedicated to working with people in the developing countries of Africa, helping them to benefit from modern technology and the knowledge to use it effectively. We support sustainable education programmes through the provision of computer equipment, teaching and access to the Internet


InterAct seeks to support the Third World through projects which make a difference to marginalised and disadvantaged people and encompass our overall ethos of helping others to help themselves.

DfID Imfundo

The Prime Minister’s Imfundo Initiative is a new kind of public private partnership initiative in partnership with Cisco, Marconi and Virgin. Imfundo is dedicated to finding new ways to improve the training of teachers using information and communications technologies.


Space on the Internet for the African non-profit sector

  Computer recycling    


PEP Computer Recycling Directory

Directory of UK computer recyclers.

ICER – Industry council for electronic equipment recycling.

ICER is the means for industry to prepare for the EU Directive on Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

National Recycling Coalition Electronics Recycling initiative

NRC is collaborating with the International Association of Electronics Recyclers (IAER) to develop a comprehensive list of electronics processors, reuse organizations, chartiable organizations, and municipal programs throughout the United States. recycling directory.

US computer and electrical equipment recycling directory.


UK Department of Trade and Industry recycling links.

Philanthropy News Network

Directory of charitable US computer recyclers.


Related causes

Education Aid

Education Aid is a voluntary body working for the advancement of education in developing countries.

  Community Heart works with partners in South Africa specifically around health, education and training projects based on the principle of self-help. Community Heart also aims to equip school libraries in South Africa, and has so far sent over 2 million books for this purpose  
Book Aid

Book Aid International works in partnership with organisations in developing countries to support their work in literacy, education, training and publishing by providing books and other reading materials


Network for charitable organisations working on development and other issues.

A Valuable Check Directory and Information Resource.  
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