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To apply for refurbished computers from Computer Aid International, please read our Terms and Conditions, below. If you accept these terms, please click on the link below, and then fill out one of our application forms.

Terms and Conditions.

a) We can collect the computers from the CAI warehouse in London, or
b) Our shipping agent will collect the computers directly from the CAI warehouse in London. We will organise, and meet all costs relating to, all aspects of the shipping, customs clearance and transportation of the equipment to the recipient organisation, or
c) We require CAI to organise, on our behalf, all transport, shipping, and marine insurance through to the freight terminal indicated. In such cases, in addition to the £39 per computer, you will be required to pay all of the related shipping and insurance costs. Before we are able to provide you with a cost quotation for this you will need to submit a completed application form detailing how many computers you want sending to which freight terminal. If your application is approved we will supply you with a pro-forma invoice and details of how to transfer the necessary funds. In such cases we will be happy to arrange shipping and insurance through to the freight terminal at the local port or city indicated by you. You will need to accept responsibility for clearing local customs and be liable for any and all charges or expenses incurred from the point of arrival at the freight terminal. If you require this service please state this clearly in your application and indicate the name of the port or freight terminal required.

2. That the beneficiary organisation is a registered “not-for-profit” organisation and that no profit will be made by any facilitating or intermediary organisation in supplying the recipient organisation with these computers.

3. That the computers will not be supplied to individuals – only to not-for-profit organisations.

4. That the computers will not be sold by the beneficiary organisation and that they will be used for not-for-profit purposes only.

5. That the beneficiary organisation works in the area of health, education or community development in a developing country or emerging economy.

6. That the beneficiary organisation is not in a position to buy computers commercially from local businesses.

7. That appropriate computer training, support and maintenance is available locally to the recipient organisation so that we can be sure that the computers will be put to immediate and productive use in a way which is sustainable.

8. That the beneficiary organisation has available premises, electrical supply and full and adequate security to ensure the immediate, productive and sustainable use of the equipment.

9. That your organisation will provide an evaluation of the use of computers sourced through CAI by filling in our monitoring form and returning it to us in the UK.

10. That CAI has the right to visit beneficiary organisations on its regular evaluation exercises in order to assess the utility of this provision. You need to confirm that the beneficiary organisation understands and agrees to these terms.

11. That you accept that whilst it is a fact that all computers are fully tested and working when they leave the workshop CAI cannot be held responsible for their condition upon arrival at the beneficiary organisation.

12. CAI will make a handling fee charge of £39 per computer as a contribution towards our administrative and packaging costs. This amount will need to be received in full, and in advance, before we ship the consignment or otherwise make the PCs available to you.

13. We always have more requests than we are in a position to meet. Therefore CAI reserves the right to decide upon its own priorities and to decline to meet any individual application.

14. It is important that you understand that all computers supplied by CAI are refurbished second-hand machines. We do not supply new machines. All of the machines that we currently ship are Pentium III or Pentium VI class machines.

15. Each machine comes with a colour monitor, keyboard, mouse and cables (power cables with UK plugs). These machines are all capable of running Windows 2000 and compatible applications software.


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